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October 2013 – Picot Edge Shawl

photoPicot Edge Shawl


Materials:   1 hank Sweet Feet Sock Yarn, 400+ yards

Size 8 – 40″ circular needles
Directions:  Cast on 6 st.

Row 1:   K2, yo, K2, Yo, K2.

Row 2:  K2, yo, k1/p1 in the front of next stitch, knit to the last 2 stitches, yo, K2.

Repeat row 2 until half the yarn is gone or until desired length is achieved, before starting
ribbbed edging.

Increase row – K2, yo, *K3, K in front and back of next stitch,* repeat from * to * until the
last 5 stitches, K3, yo, K2. Only do this row one time.
Ribbing Row: K2, yo,* K3, P3*, repeat from * to * until last 2 stitches, yo, K2.

Repeat ribbing row until desired length is achieved.

Bind off loosely in usual manner, or use picot edge BO to get ruffled edge.
Picot Edge Bind Off:   *Cable cast on 2 st, bind off 4 st in usual manner, put last st back
on left needle*, repeat from * to *
Weave in loose ends.