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Jul 9, '18

Category: GeneralJudy works Monday


July 9, 2018N/A

Jul 10, '18

Category: GeneralContinental Knitting


July 10, 2018

Switch to continental knitting with Judy on Tuesday, July 10th at 3 pm.
Class fee is $20. Bring your own needles or purchase prior to class. Learning yarn will be provided. You will knit faster and more consistently once you have learned to knit continental. This is not a 'learn to knit' class, so you do have to know how to knit the traditional way in order to switch.

Category: GeneralJudy works Tuesday


July 10, 2018

Jul 11, '18

Category: GeneralClosed Wednesdays


July 11, 2018N/A

Jul 12, '18

Category: GeneralJoan works Thursday


July 12, 2018N/A

Jul 13, '18

Category: GeneralJoan works Friday


July 13, 2018

Jul 14, '18

Category: GeneralJudy works


July 14, 2018N/A

Jul 15, '18

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